Lazy executions will get you mauled.
Tame ideas are dangerous.
Passive strategies will be ignored.
If you’re lame, you’ll be lunch.

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Without social you’re goin’ nowhere fast.

By Kelly Sargent.

A business without social media is like a car without wheels; you’re missing a large part of the terrain and going nowhere fast. Worse than being stationary; those engaging social media are driving in the space where your customers are and engaging them in a manner they are receptive to. In 2016, 78 per cent of adults have a social media profile and according to recent estimates, social media use is expected to grow to 2.5 billion by 2018.

To catch a fish you need to fish where the fish are. The real advantage of social media is you have much greater reach, enabling you to engage customers you otherwise wouldn’t. Given you know where your customers will be, you can take the guess work out of trying to find them. A social media platform gives you a new set of wheels to gain traction and connect.

How do you reach customers across social media? By leveraging marketable and ‘sharable’ material on your business Facebook page. The average Facebook user has 130 online friends and by having your business across social, you enhance the ability for people to ‘share’, ‘like’ or ‘comment’ on your posts; hence sharing your business with their friends. This leverage and reach is incredibly powerful if paired with a strong social media strategy and digital marketing plan.

Businesses avoiding social are cutting themselves from this leverage and huge marketing opportunities that are not available elsewhere. Currently social media advertising has great rates, ensuring good ROI on marketing dollars.

Further, being across social media enhances your brand identity and builds brand loyalty. Research has found companies with a big social media presence have more loyal customers, and it’s easy to understand why. Social media allows your business to become personable, you become more relatable. Being less like a corporation and more like a caring organisation with a cause relates better. After all at its essence; business loyalty is born from personable relationships and experiences.

To really capture all the enhanced advantages of your business being social you need a comprehensive social media marketing strategy. Investing in a social marketing strategy is well worth the dollars because the fact stands; there is no other environment that holds as much potential to engage your customer than social media, and social media is here to stay.

Secure your social media wheels to start driving your business, although just because you have new wheels doesn’t mean you won’t crash and burn. A digital and social media marketing strategy will ensure you don’t enter dangerous ground and are always driving the right way to engage and benefit from your customers.

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