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The two mistakes you can make with social media


By Kelly Sargent.

There are only two mistakes you can make when using social media. Being aware of these mistakes is half the battle, it’s the balancing act in-between that will determine your success. The two mistakes are:

1.    Acting when you should not have

2.   Not acting when you should.

Helpful, right? Hardly given to avoid both mistakes you need to know what is an appropriate post or response while considering the environment you’re operating within.

Just how do you know what’s right?

When acting across digital (just as in real life), you can only tread with awareness and aim to be on your best behaviour.

Although not all companies nail it, and not from poor intentions . . .

1. Katz Coffee #heard #about #hashtags #as #search #terms. #Fail.

Image result for social media mistakes

2. While millions of domestic abuse victims tweeted their survival stories with #WhyIstayed, DiGiorno Pizza thought they’d get a slice of the action . . .

Image result for social media mistakes di giorno


And then there are some companies who are doing it right . . .

  1. John Doe knows his strengths.


2. National Spelling Bee trump a troll with one (correct) word.

Related image


So the question remains, how do you know when to act or not?

The truth is, often you don’t. Although like DiGiorno Pizza experienced, you’ll know straight away when you have made either mistake because the feedback is instant! 

The risk of falling to the wrong side of either the ‘acting and not acting’ mistakes can be a reduced if you have a sound strategy and knowledge about the space you’re operating in. 

These mistakes can be avoided by:

–        Knowing your audience

Know who your ideal client is and how they like to be engaged. Knowing who you are talking to will assist in defining your brand’s voice and persona, and organising the timing of your posts.

–        Planning your content strategy

70% of marketers don’t have an in-depth content strategy plan. Planning your content will allow you to check and revise what it is you’re publishing. Knowing in advance what you’re going to say allows you to prepare for the possible reactions.

–        Listening

Listen to what people are saying across social. Be responsive, be flexible. Also be engaging: make a move, talk first, interact. Social media is a two-way stage, where listening before acting can be key.

Of course, these two mistakes are unavoidable if you’re out there having a shot and sometimes making a mistake can be social media gold! Turning a bungle into a quick video apology and posting it across Facebook can sometimes do much more good than harm. It shows your audience that you care, and trust is heightened because your audience sees that you are, indeed, like them, human.

So while there’s need to be cautious of the two mistakes, as long as you’re operating with integrity, just relax. Nothing (short of rudeness) is too damaging (idiots excluded) when it comes to social, it’s a big playing area out there. If you do make a mistake, full admission and a sincere apology can do wonders for your brand and your business goodwill.

All it takes a little wild thinking.

To keep your brand acting out of the wilderness without too many mistakes, or at least those that can bring your brand forward, contact us.

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