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Top Four elements of great brand stories

By Kelly Sargent.

A ‘brand story’ is essentially what people believe about a company based on what they say and how they’ve said it.  It answers the questions of, ‘Who are you?’ and, ‘Why are you doing what you’re doing?’

Brand stories are an effective marketing tool and can also serve as guiding business principles, including company values and internal codes of behaviour. 

In many respects a brand story can act as a roadmap for your business and it should be the first thing businesses think of because it is their reason for beingThere are four common traits among the best and biggest companies who have nailed their brand stories. Companies like Uber, AirBnB and Chipolete understand the importance of what’s needed in an effective brand story, they;

1. Know the Problem

For eons businesses have attempted to assess market needs or injustices and attempted to solve them. On completion, the result is an effective brand story, the ‘why’ you exist. Because brand stories are classified as human interest (tell me a ‘why’ that doesn’t relate to the betterment of a fellow human somehow?) it’s important brand stories are told in such a way that connects with people. These days it’s not enough to go into business for business sake, people expect that a brand is coming into existence for a good reason. The brand story is critical for communicating this good reason.

 2. Provide an Experience

A good brand story has something to say and more often than not, this is because the brand is doing something disruptive. It is taking an existing industry or service and providing a different or better experience. Like Uber has disrupted the taxi industry, and AirBnB has upset Hotels; the best branding stories are talking about the unique experience (and its benefits) to a willing and waiting audience.

3. Celebrate Transparency: Have Visible Founders

Many disruptive businesses and brands are fuelled by passion. Show the passion. Show the visionaries, the founders that give a human element to the brand. There’s nothing more interesting or inspiring than humans fuelled with passion.

4. Do Good

An effective brand story (and business) must include an element of social good into their stories; whether that’s giving back to communities, fostering sustainability or helping consumers find their best selves. There needs to be goodness. These lofty goals make for good stories.

While all good brand stories need the above; what’s more important is to ensure yours is unique. To be unique it has to be a little wild. In today’s market if you are not remarkable, you are irrelevant, and the quest for relevance is the drive of many leading businesses.

Allow us to help you add some wild into your brand story, so you can make an impressionable and profitable narrative to capture consumers.

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