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Snapchat flirts with Augmented Reality

The social app company Snapchat has become a device maker with its new high-tech spectacles that’s pushing augmented reality (AR).

Augment reality is when digital information overlays the real world; so yes, the recent Pokemon GO frenzy was augmented reality working in market overdrive.

Although Snapchat has been doing AR in their app with Geofilters and lenses for quite awhile, these spectacles are their first venture into hardware outside of the app. And they’re pretty cool.

To be clear, the specs are not headsets (this is the general image people think of when considering AR), but they are cool glasses designed to take images and 10-second videos at the touch of a button, after which you can view them on the app.

Sure the idea of tech glasses isn’t new with Google’s ‘Google Glass’, but can those specs connect to an app with unicorn emoticons that spew rainbows? We
think not . . .

Although we’re yet to see how this feature supports brands, we’re excited to see Snapchat dipping their toe into AR.

Whatever happens, we think this is a cool step by Snapchat and let’s see what Instagram will come up with to counter this AR venture – watch this space.

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