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Mute your friends: Facebook hits snooze

Ever wanted to ‘unfollow’ a Facebook friend or page but the pain of them knowing you did so is just not worth the hassle?

Introducing Facebook snooze – the discreet way to mute friends, groups, and pages without them knowing! Now FB users in the United States can keep their social grace intact and snooze those annoying wedding photos or holiday pics because really, who needs to see that on a Monday morning while making your way to work?

As of 14th September 2017 Facebook has given users in the US the snooze option (as opposed to the ‘unfollow’ option). To mute those you need a break from, click the top right corner of a post you’ll see the option ‘Unfollow or Snooze.’ You can snooze friends, pages or groups for 24 hours, seven days or a month; allowing you to complete mute wedding season.

Fingers crossed Facebook snooze will be available in Australia soon because shhh now friends, there’s cat memes to be seen.

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