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Likes Vs Relevancy

By Kelly Sargent.

Why numbers don’t matter.

Who likes this? All your friends like this. So, who cares?

People who ask, “How do I get more Facebook likes?” do not understand the data they’re talking about. A ‘like’ indicates someone does ‘like’ your page, but how effective is this?

When it comes to social media, the meaning is dependent on the algorithm and the data this represents. If this changes, so does the data.

Facebook likes no longer mean much to businesses because:

  1. They can be bought.
    There are hundreds of third party (and often third country) companies who’ve made thousands of fake Facebook profiles and will offer you a bargain ‘like’ price, some as low as 7 cents! Is it worth stating the obvious; these aren’t genuine likes and fake likes bring no value to your business. A fake or random profile won’t do anything for your company or brand, and nothing for your exposure, and messes with the great ‘audience’ targeting tools available to advertise across Facebook.
  2. There’s little reach.
    In 2012 the organic reach on a company’s Facebook page was 16% and by 2016, it was at 2%. This means of the people who ‘like’ your page, only 2% may see your posts; making likes effectively irrelevant.

Facebook (and all social media) is quickly becoming a pay-to-play environment where relevancy holds much more value, reach and engagement.

Relevance across social media can be measured in:

  1. Post likes.
    This is different from page likes and much more valuable. When people ‘like’ your post, Facebook recognises your post as important to this person and increases your organic reach. Facebook’s algorithm (while not perfect) is engineered to promote posts and content that it perceives as important to people, and ‘liking’ your post (let’s be clear, not page, but post) tells Facebook it is important.
  2. Post comments.
    As above, Facebook weights comments as highly relevant, this has high engagement reach, and weighted as more important than a post ‘like’.
  3. Post reactions.
    These are the emoticons people choose to react to your post; currently, there are happy, sad, crying or angry faces or a love heart.

While it’s important to understand the measure of relevancy and irrelevancy of ‘likes’, a sure way to gain relevancy to your market is to produce interesting and informative content that gives value. Giving value by sharing your expertise will make you relevant to your consumer, and your social audience will grow.

Increasing the number of Facebook page likes should not be a key goal in your social media marketing plan. The plan should be to engage users through relevant content and marketing messages.

To produce interesting and relevant content, all you need is a little wild thinking.

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