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Three Business Benefits of getting Social in 2017

By Kelly Sargent.

It is strange but true that in this digital age, some businesses are still grappling with using social media. While everyone is at the party, they’re outside wondering what all the fuss is about. A common attitude from businesses is, ‘What’s in it for me?’

The answer: an abundance of opportunity and potential; rainbows and your profits hearts’ desire. Although the truth is, they won’t get any of this unless they have a solid social media strategy, expert guidance and a willingness to give something of themselves.

Social media is about engaging your market and
there are huge benefits for doing so:

1. Learn About Your Audience/Target Consumer:

Imagine your ideal customer talking about themselves (or about you) and you have an ear to the door listening to all they say; seem powerful?
Social media gives you insight into what your audience is saying, and this can be incredibly powerful given most customers won’t reach out to you if they have a problem, but an abundance of people will post complaints online. Monitoring social media is not only great for damage control, it also provides a unique and incredible opportunity to respond to your customers in real time, and getting to know your audience can help you discover creative ways to reach them via advertising or content marketing.

2. Increased Exposure/Brand Awareness:

Having a greater online presence means a greater reach for your brand, and social media is a great way to expose your company to new eyes. The real value in social media is in the networks of people, so when you engage with someone, they may ‘share’ your business with their network.

Further social media can help you find customers who are already talking about your business, information you can leverage to reach even more people. With an excellent strategy and some expert guidance, social media is a sure way to increase sales. Customers truly interested in your brand or product will respond to good sales messages and convert. Having a social media presence can also allow customers “get to know” your brand, on a personable level, making more of an impact on them.

3. Keeps you Relevant

If you’re not remarkable; you’re irrelevant and social media is the path to stake your claim of creativity and engagement.  The key to staying in business is to remain relevant.

What better way to remain relevant than to be in the thick of conversations your customers are having about their needs and wants? Social media gives your company or brand insight into how it can continue to evolve and deliver results for your bottom line and your consumers.

Although social media can be time consuming, and frustrating – it is increasingly becoming a MUST if you own a business. Consumers turn to social media not only as a point of contact, but as a research tool. Remember that what you post online is a representation of your business, and with mere seconds to capture someone’s attention, you always want to put your best foot forward. Done right, your business can reap the benefits of social media marketing; however, one foot wrong can see you eaten alive in the digital wilderness.

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