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Five ‘reasons’ Businesses believe
they don’t need social media

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade (which is fine if so; welcome friend, we have some exciting news for you!) you will have noticed sweeping changes across the digital social landscape. There’s a lot of hype around social mediums like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, yet many businesses are slow to adopt these platforms.

While millennials and anyone with a smart phone are becoming savvy across social media and leading digital lives; many businesses are dragging their feet to the party. The pressing question is, why?

In 2016 Sensis recorded 78% of people are spending time on social media, and users are on these sites for an average of 13 hours per week.

Still many businesses claim they don’t want to get social because:

 1.“Social media is not measurable”

The most common objection from businesses who are not yet social is that social media ‘is not measurable’. Misinformation throughout history has a lot to answer for and this myth is a recent one to add to the pile.  How some businesses reached this conclusion is more mystifying than the Bermuda Triangle because it’s just not correct.
Yet the trusty traditional ‘focus groups’ (a method where small samples are supposedly representative of the larger whole) often see 500 phone interviews make up Australia’s entire Census regarding a topic. Before technological advances, this seemed like a great way to gather data.
Social media (and more importantly ROI) is completely measurable down to the click, like, share and audience reach. The digital world has a lot going for it, particularly the transparency around the data driven metrics on marketing dollars.

2.  “I wouldn’t know what to say”

While we’re all for business and social media dancing together, we would never recommend you grab the mic and put yourself centre stage without first knowing what it is you are going to say. Planning your actions is making a ‘social media strategy’ and there’s little point in going live without one. Like the tipsy fella at the pub who thinks he’s a comedian after two pints; the unwitting audience may be entertained for a short time until the fun wears thin and soon enough, all meaningful engagement is lost.
Don’t know what to say? Don’t worry, we’ll help you and there goes another excuse for not getting social.

3. “It’s for the younger generation”

It’s true: there are more younger people across social media, yet there are also a lot of older people accessing social media too. Indeed 78% of Australians use social media. The main difference between the old and young is how they use it. While millennials are more visual preferring Facebook and Instagram, people aged 40 and above prefer LinkedIn and Google+. The point remains: they’re still there.

4.  “I don’t need it”

If you don’t need more business, more customers or more growth; sure, you likely don’t need social media. However most business owners do want these things and we’re living in a digital and different world today. You do need social media to grow at the rate others are. Like the famous adage from Henry Ford, “If I’d asked the people what they wanted, they would’ve said faster horses”, it’s not a faster horse you’re after. Let us help you move up into the automobile, and lets travel together at a pace you’re comfortable with.

5.  “I don’t understand it”

This excuse is a step above “I don’t need it” because once business owners understand the ongoing benefits and sweeping potential of social media; they all want it. Good news is, you don’t have to understand it because we do. Every social nook and cranny, we have covered. Should you want to know anything, we are happy to share, of course.

Although some fundamentals you do need to understand are:

  • Social media waits for nobody.
  • Social media is not an activity, it’s an investment.
  • Social media IS the small big. Small efforts can wield big returns.

Essentially every business (big or small) can benefit from going social and when business owners use any of the above as ‘reasons’ to not venture there; we know the real reason is fear. Fear of not understanding the mediums, fear of things that could go wrong.

And trust us, things can go wrong; however not when you allow us to walk you through the process. You will be in good hands and able to deliver on your business goals. And who knows, maybe once you’re there, you’ll enjoy yourself and not want to leave the party.

Fear of the digital social wilderness is a real thing; let us guide you with expert advice and management so you cannot put a foot wrong and enjoy all the engagement social media has to offer.

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