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From dogs, cars, banks, boats, paint, insurance, wine, food, fashion; through their careers Myke and Tony have great experience working on many local and international brands.

Every brand is different with its own unique challenges.  If you have a brand or a brief you’d like our help with, we’d love to bring it to life.

Proven Outcomes.

ANZ “Barbara” Campaign

Many of us have had a bad experience with a bank. To dramatise just how extreme a bad bank experience ‘could’ be, ‘Barbara’ was created; the banker from hell! ANZ understood the importance of customer engagement and the brief was to promote the ANZ ‘brand experience’. They wanted to clearly state they were engaging, warm and understanding. Like an oasis, they were about helping customers achieve their goals in any way they can.
© M&C Saatchi

MCG “Legendary” Campaign

The task was to submit a presentation to promote the MCG’s new bars and restaurants. The MCG is a special place that has witnessed many amazing sporting achievements. What many people don’t know about is its new range of cool places to wine and dine. People are always looking for the next ‘new’ place to try and that’s how the brief was approached. Showing new bars and restaurants people can enjoy with friends, and then revealing these cool new places were actually at the ‘G’! The MCG. Legendary.
© AdAssociates

Dulux “Barry Technology” Campaign

Dulux Barrier Technology was a new paint technology to protect the family home from the family. ‘Barry’ was created to bring the idea to life. Barry symbolised all those people trying to protect their freshly painted interior walls from family life; including grubby fingers, wet dogs and muddy boots. Thankfully ‘Barry’ could relax once he knew Dulux Barrier Technology had all the protection he needed.
© ClemengerBBDO

Crown “Always New” TVC

Crown Melbourne was in the middle of a major interior decoration overhaul. The task was to create excitement and anticipation around the ‘new look’ at Crown. While working on the brief, it becasme clear there was something new to say or experience about Crown almost every day. From the renovation taking shape, to the new international acts and amazing dining options; when it comes to the world of Crown there’s always something new to experience.
© ClemengerBBDO

Melbourne Cup “Experience Unforgettable”

The VRC requested pitch concepts for a new marketing campaign that would consolidate the Melbourne Cup Carnival as one of Australia’s premier sporting events. People know the carnival experience is literally like nothing else; from the horses and the crowd, to the fashions on the field and the celebrities. From this came ‘Experience Unforgettable’, a campaign that embraced what the entire experience was all about.
© AdAssociates

Bonds “Kaleideoscope” TVC

Bonds launched a new range of underwear just prior to summer. Previous ranges had subtle tones but this time Bonds decided to make a big splash with bright colours. While working on the brief, the idea of mixing colours was drawn from random interaction with a kaleidoscope. The kaleidoscope colours were swapped with Bonds girls in bright undies dancing in unison.
© Campaign Palace

Target “Denim Nation” Dragon

‘Dragon’ was the second instalment in the Denim Nation Campaign. Target wanted to push their womens denim. The concept was all about girl power. Loosely based on romance and fairytales; the final idea reversed the roles of sleeping beauty, creating a strong women who was out to rescue her prince. For good measure she slays a dragon on the way. The integrated campaign included television, cinema, outdoor, online and magazine.
© Campaign Palace

Target “Denim Nation”  Train

Target decided to overhaul their ‘denim’ styles and cuts to attract the fashion savvy. Their aim was to be no.1 for denim in Australia. This was a major challenge as Target wasn’t seen as a ‘cool’ place to buy your jeans. Our brief was to create a television and cinema campaign that was different and would get the younger generation to ‘rethink’ Target as a denim destination. The ‘Denim Nation’ idea was created. Real people in an edgy animated world. Target became no.1 in denim within three months of the launch.
© Campaign Palace

Quit Campaign

Smoking is a killer. If you are a regular smoker you could eventually contract lung diseases including chronic bronchitis, emphysema and in most cases lung cancer. Working with the State Government on their Quit campaign to stop people smoking; the first commercial uses ‘bubble wrap’ plastic to demonstrate how our lungs are full of tiny air pockets and how smoking destroys them. The second commercial shows the dangers of ‘passive’ smoking and the harmful affects it has on other members of the family.
© Campaign Palace

Honda “The Honda Sale”

Billed as the biggest annual retail sale at Honda, the TVC needed to reflect the grand spectre of the sale. With this thinking in mind, unreal angles were considered. A composition of 100 helicopters towing enormous sale banners could convey this; however this would be impossible to film. Enter CGI. With a team of CGI whisperers, a scenario was created which was not only realistic but also possible. The end result is a true representation of the scale of sale.
© AdAssociates

Siemens – 60s “Package”

Like other large multinational offices, Siemens Melbourne shares the company’s accomplishments and developments with staff through its internal video network. Siemens introduced the “60 minutes” news segment. This project entailed the development of an engaging intro sequence, sting, lower thirds and presenter desk designs which could tie an identity to the overall segment. The end result was a graphical reflection of the Siemens endeavour,  reflecting their high innovation and technical expertise.
© Immediacy

Macquarie University Hospital

Billed as Australia’s most advanced private hospital; Macquarie University Hospital is also one of Australia’s finest private teaching hospitals. The purpose was to educate consumers on Macquarie’s commitment to offering world class care through its staff, medical sciences, treatments, and most of all its technology; which it claims is unavailable anywhere else in the country. The outcome is a warm communications piece without VO and plenty of technical animated graphics integrating their vision.
© Immediacy

ACMP – Event Support

The Australian Commercial and Media Photographers acts as a united voice for the development and promotion of professional photographers around the country. It holds an annual awards night for photographers based on various categories. To support the night, a graphic video package was produced which included the opener, closer and category of each of the video stings. The process of making these was an abstract exploration of shape, colour and light. The aim was to make something visually stunning that photographers would connect with and like. Outcome achieved.
© Bluefish

Vision Australia | ANZ  “Hamish”

Vision Australia decided to make three case study videos for the purpose of educating employers about the real benefits of employing staff with vision impairment. Presented by Georgie Coghlan, the stories cover a range of disciplines from a call centre operator to a butcher. Hamish’s video is a ‘day in the life’ segment, sharing how highly regarded he is by ANZ Bank while demonstrating the minimal effort that was required to accomodate his needs. Demonstrating the goodwill of Vision Australia, the final result is an uplifting and inspiring communication piece that hopefully leads to more opportunities for the vision impaired.
© Bluefish

Stem Organics “Skin”

Stem Organics is a unique Australian organic skincare company selling to over 20 countries and 100 retailers. Operating within a competitive industry where everyone claims to be organic and natural; Stem Organics needed a positioning that made consumers really think about the importance of what you put on your skin. Considering skin is the largest organ of the body, it’s even more essential we are aware of what we place on it. The purpose of this cinema was to reinforce the critical importance of skin care and establish Stem Organics as a serious player in the skincare space.

Mio – Journey

Mio Technology is a Taiwanese electronics maker that manufactures and markets pocket PCs, personal digital assistants, smartphones and personal navigation devices. As a brand communications piece, is was important style and colour drew from their guidelines. The segment was to be used at various staff events around the globe to reinforce Mio’s brand values while re-educating and reminding staff about the values and achievements of the company.  A good example of brand commutation without VO.
© Immediacy

Mazda MPS Cinema Launch

At the time the Mazda3 MPS was the company’s fastest production car with over 200kW of power at the pedal. The task was to make a prelaunch film for the global launch of the car at the International Motor Show in Germany. The hand-built prototype had to be collected at customs, secretly filmed and sent back to Mazda HQ for crushing. Briefed to show only glimpses; the spots employ video countdown graphics to reinforce the vehicles’ imminent arrival. Eventually longer ads were cut for overseas markets and cinema spots. A pacy and striking launch film showcasing Portsea’s breathtaking road. © Bluefish

Take 40 – Graphic Package

Take 40 Australia was Australia’s first and longest-running music countdown developed in Melbourne. While building their video department, MCM set upon refreshing the brand for Take 4o. A range of long and short tail stings were developed to run online between streamed video music clips.  The process was highly creative and completed in-house. It includes several layers of animation over footage with experimental audio to focus on the creative aspect of the company.

Myke – Graphic Reel

With a strong love of typography, video and animation, Myke has created a vast range of TVC and Video graphics for some of Australia’s largest biggest brands. Myke’s graphic reel is a great example of his flexibility and many styles he is capable of producing. The reel is a graphic designers’ feast. Enough said.

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