Lazy executions will get you mauled.
Tame ideas are dangerous.
Passive strategies will be ignored.
If you’re lame, you’ll be lunch.

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Cool new ad options on Pinterest

Pinterest has opened up search advertising recently with its targeted ads applying user-searches; giving its marketing partners better opportunity to reach consumers who are ready to buy. This week Pinterest announced it's adding search ads to...

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Likes Vs Relevancy

By Kelly Sargent. Why numbers don’t matter. Who likes this? All your friends like this. So, who cares? People who ask, “How do I get more Facebook likes?” do not understand the data they’re talking about. A ‘like’...

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Twitter expands character limit to 280

Brevity no more: Twitter is upping its character limit from 140 to 280! We all know Donald Trump is a frequent user of Twitter to announce policy decisions and can now fit two policies into...

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Mute your friends: Facebook hits snooze

Ever wanted to 'unfollow' a Facebook friend or page but the pain of them knowing you did so is just not worth the hassle? Introducing Facebook snooze - the discreet way to mute friends, groups, and...

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The Bird: Are we too conservative?

Recently we were engaged to launch a new client. We were engaged to develop a name,  positioning, and concept to launch a brand offering high-end pre-loved luxury bags, jewellery and accessories. A brand that would do...

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The two mistakes you can make with social media

  By Kelly Sargent. There are only two mistakes you can make when using social media. Being aware of these mistakes is half the battle, it’s the balancing act in-between that will determine your success. The two mistakes...

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Affluencers Vs Influencers

By Kelly Sargent. Do you know who these key social drivers are and how they could help build your business? Influencers and affluencers are individuals who can have a major leverage in building your brand. They are key...

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Top Four elements of great brand stories

A company’s ‘brand story’ is essentially what people believe about you based on what you say and how you’ve said it. It answers the questions of ‘Who are you?’ and ‘Why are you doing...

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