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Affluencers Vs Influencers

By Kelly Sargent.

Do you know who these key social drivers are and how they could help build your business?

Influencers and affluencers are individuals who can have a major leverage in building your brand.

They are key drivers among their circle of friends and acquaintances, they seem to be the first to know about the latest. These individuals wield huge power. They are switched on, sensitive and aware of what’s hot, what’s new, what’s about to arrive, what’s the latest must have and where’s the cool place to be.
Equally they are all over what’s NOT cool or sexy.

Through reviews, blogs, posts and shares, engaging Influencers and Affluencers can be hugely beneficial to building your business.


Influencer marketing focuses on key individuals rather than the target market as a whole. It identifies individuals that have influence within their circle and with potential buyers.

Influencer content can be testimonial advertising, e.g. a ‘blog’ where they play the role of a potential buyer. Using social media influencers in your marketing is about engaging and building relationships with the people who can build relationships for you.

To get involved in Influencer marketing be aware of:

  • Identifying the topics of influence that speak to your brand’s target market.
  • Vetting the influencers who are a good contextual fit with your brand. Look for content quality, reach, engagement and an alignment of values with your brand.

Why use Influencers across social?

Because they have a reach and audience that you do not; and action and social mentions are driven more effectively by “middle power.” Mid-level influencers (like bloggers) have a smaller but more loyal audience and drive 16 times more engagement than paid media and “mega influencers.”

88% of buyers consider online reviews “very influential” when making a purchase decision.

Millennials represent an enormous segment of the purchasing population yet are drastically different from other verticals when it comes to how to market to them. They vet purchases and a brand’s story more than other buyers.

90% of consumers trust peer recommendations. Only 33% trust ads.

The most effective influencer marketing strategies build and foster strong relationships with a current network.

When marketers equip influencers with an entire experience to share about a brand or product the posts are more engaging. Relationship building takes time and once the connection is there, activating influencers becomes a lot more seamless and effective.


Certain customers are more valuable to your bottom line than others, so do you know who your most important customers are? The Affluent Influencer, or “Affluencer,” is a fairly recent phenomenon. This group combines affluence (household income of $100K+) with influence (among the purchase decisions of others) and has great potential to increase awareness of your brand.

Getting Affluencers to talk about your brand is about driving engagement through relevance; and like any good social media marketing, relevance is key in driving your brand. Affluencer values, preferences, and behaviours across Millennials, GenXers, and Boomers while sharing commonalities, each have unique needs. For example Millennial Affluencers are more likely to respond well to messages with social benefits (fitting in, being admired, etc.) while Boomer Affluencers are more focused on personal benefits.

Up to 90% of Affluencers research products online although a notable percentage regularly read print magazines and are substantially more likely than their affluent but non-influential counterparts to read publications in the buying guide, cars/automotive, technology, and classified advertisements categories. It stands to reason that those who give advice must also consume advice. Affluencers are respected “experts” because they are well informed. Advice columns and other informational content represent an important content marketing opportunity to feed the Affluencers’ desire for knowledge and know-how.

Testing is critical to ensure that you are putting the right message and creative into the market. Vary headlines, images, media types, messages, and more, adapting presentation for different devices. As change is the new normal, don’t be afraid to change things up frequently.

Tying traditional and digital media together (such as using print to drive traffic to a web site or landing page) creates the immersive and convenient experience Affluencers expect.

Using Influencers and Affluencers is a great way to gain relevance for your brand, although it’s not the only way. Steady growth and presence across social, traditional and digital landscapes build trust and awareness with your audience, and it’s also critical to have a great brand story.

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